Houston Scuba Diving, The Places You Have To Visit

Scuba diving is exciting yet a little bit dangerous activity. Why is it exciting? It is because you can explore an unknown environment in the deep of the sea. Meeting a creature that can’t be met in the land is a valuable experience. Then, why do you think is is it a little bit dangerous? As you know, scuba diving is an activity that explores seas that we don’t know very well. So, there is a possibility that something dangerous may come near. Even so, scuba diving still has a lot of fans. This is proven by many places that offer scuba diving. One of them is Houston scuba diving.

In this city, you’ll find several scuba diving locations. It’s really interesting to explore a different place to do scuba diving. So, where are Houston scuba diving you can find? Let’s try and find them all. 

1. Blue Lagoon

One of Houston scuba diving you have to try is Blue Lagoon. There, you will find two lagoons. Don’t need to worry about the diving spot for there are three diving spots in one lagoon and two in another lagoon. The location of the blue lagoon is 70 miles north of Houston. 

In the Blue lagoon, not only you can do scuba diving, but you can also take the training. If you’re not sure about your scuba diving skill, then feel free to take a scuba lesson in the Bluee lagoon.

2. San Solomon Spring

This place has the largest spring-fed swimming pool. With almost two acres and 25 feet deep, it’s no wonder to say that this place is the highest. There are many things you can do here such as snorkling and scuba diving. If bored with scuba diving you can try swimming.  

This park also reconstructs a desert wetland. And you can also see the underwater since it’s visible to the eyes. San Solomon Spring can be your choice if you want to experience the fun of scuba diving.

3. Athen Scuba Park

When you come to Houston, don’t forget to visit Athen Scuba Park. Moreover if you fan of scuba diving. With the width of 8 acres and depth is 35 feet, this place is suited for scuba diving. Besides doing scuba diving, there are other activities you can do as well. But, do not worry, all of that still relate to scuba diving.

If you still lacking skill in scuba diving, do not fret. Athen Scuba Park provides you with the diving class. Or when your equipment is broken or incomplete, you can go to the shop. There, you can find many things about scuba diving. 

4. South Padre Island

When you looking for Houston Scuba Diving, then do not forget to visit South Padre Island. There you will find a beautiful beach that can be used for diving. You can also explore nature and fishing if you like it. There are many activities you can do in South Padre Island. But of course, scuba diving is the most favorite activity among all.

When you want to go scuba diving, there are many places you can go to. But, if you want to want to experience something new or train how to do it, the Houston scuba diving is a good choice. There are many places to visit. And also you can train so your skills will be better.