Here Are The 5 Best Hiking Trails In Colorado for Beginners

best hiking trails in colorado

Many people start to like hiking because this sport is fun. It is especially if you are in Colorado, which has a very beautiful view. So, you have to know the best hiking trails in Colorado for beginners.

Knowing the best trail will certainly benefit you mainly you are a beginner. You can get ready for the trail condition that you will encounter. Here are 5 best hiking trails in Colorado for beginners:

1. Bear Lake Trail

If you are a beginner in hiking, you can try hiking in Bear Lake. This place is very famous so, when the peak season, many tourists are hiking here. If you like a quieter place, try hiking in this place in the morning.

Hiking in the morning will also make you able to enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Moreover, you can see the magnificent view of Hallet Peak and Longs Peak. You can also photograph the beauty of the two peaks from the reflection of shadows on the lake.

2. Chautauqua Trail

The second trail is Chautauqua in Boulder, Colorado. You can follow the path that is clearly visible starting from the parking lot to the meadow. When you are in the meadow, it means you will see the famous large stone slab, Flatiron soon.

The path that you will go through is very smooth and wide. You will also see a magnificent sight when hiking here. When you gain elevation, you can look east to see Boulder from above. No wonder this trail can be the best hiking trails in Colorado for beginners.

3. Serpents Trail

This trail is so historic because it was built to facilitate access to the Glade Park area. You will be hiking up to 3.9 miles on this trail with the highest elevation of 5840 feet. The trailhead from this trail is called Devils Kitchen, which connects many canyons.

You will be impressed to see the work done in the past, which is around the 1920s. They arranged thousands of stones and then cemented them to contour a road. Moreover, they use the stack of stones on a large rock and to fill the low spots.

4. Continental Divide Trail

This trail is one of the longest trails made in 1987. You will need 4 to 5 months if you want to hike along this road to the end. But, if you are still a beginner, you can just hiking a few miles.

Even though you only pass a few miles, you will still pass a very perfect view. You will see a variety of ecosystems and wildlife. Moreover, you will also see millions of natural treasures.

5. Eaglesmere and Surprise Lake Trail

This trail is on Silverthorne and has a trail length of 11.5 miles. Actually, this trail is more fun if you do hiking for 3 days and 2 nights. That is because this trail is a loop-shaped and surrounds Eaglesmere and Surprise Lakes.

You will see a view of Surprise Lake filled with lotus. Moreover, you can also see the reflection of Mount Dora from the lake. If you are a beginner, you can just hike a few miles.

Now you can do hiking because you already know of the best hiking trails in Colorado for beginners. Do it with your friends to make it more exciting and you will not get lost. Prepare your physical because you will hike in a long time.