5 Best Kids Games On Android You Must Install

Kids are familiar with gadgets nowadays. Sometimes your kids will ask to play games on your gadget. However, make sure you have installed one of the best kids games on Android.

Usually, all of the best kids’ games have interesting themes. Moreover, your kids will also learn some important things. For example, your kids will learn about numbers, alphabets, shapes, and so on. Let’s check this out about the best kids games you must install:


1. Bubadu Kids Games

If you look for a game developer that has released many games for kids, Bubadu Kids Games is the answer. Bubadu has released many variations of games. Your kids will play a role-playing game. For example, your kids will become a doctor or a dentist.

Moreover, your kids will also have experience such as go to the supermarket or making a cake. Every stage has its own difficulty. However, your kids can definitely solve the difficulties in the game. This game is very simple and fun so your kids will love it.

2. Duck Duck Moose Games

This game is available for various ages, ranging from 2 years old to 12 years old. There are 7 curricula. Moreover, in this game, each curriculum consists of 8 activities. Examples of activities are learning about numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and others.

Moreover, there are also nursery rhymes that can be enjoyed by you and your kids. The music is also diverse, such as Wheels on the Bus, Baa Baa Black Sheep, and other famous songs for kids.

3. The Endless Kids Games

Your kids absolutely love this game. It is because this game has five categories. You can choose one theme from each category. The themes are about learning numbers, alphabets, Spanish, read, and increasing your kid’s vocabulary.

If you choose about learning numbers, your kids will learn about number recognition. In addition, your kids will also learn about sequences, quantity, numerical patterns, simple addition, and others. That is why this game is one of the best kids games on Android you have to install.

4. Intellijoy

If your kids are in preschool, this game is suitable for your kids. There are 47 sub-games in this game. This game has 22 paid games and the rest you can install for free. Your kids will learn a lot of things through this game.

Moreover, your kids will learn about math, write, coloring, drawing, and reading. In addition, your kids will also learn about color, shapes, alphabet, and number. If you want to introduce your kids how to play a puzzle, you can also install this game.

5. Lego Games

This game is one of the most favorite games for kids. It is because the brand Lego is so famous for them. There are 19 versions of Lego Games. The versions are Lego Junior, Lego Duplo, Lego 3D, Lego Life, and so on.

Each version has a different age range. So, if you want to install this game for your kids, make sure your kid’s age matches the game. From all versions of the Lego games, Lego Junior is the most installed version.

Every kid surely will love to play games, especially if the game is very fun and exciting. But, make sure you are installing one of the best kids games on Android to make them safe. Moreover, make sure you always accompany your kids when playing games.