6 Best Startup Business Idea You Might Want To Know

The development of increasingly modern technology supported by internet access. Indeed makes business start-ups experience very significant progress. Names like Grab and GO-JEK are clear evidence that start-up companies. Those can achieve Decacorn status with a company value of more than USD 10 billion. Many best startup business idea in this era. The majority of start-up business drivers are young people today aka millennial generation. 

6 Best Startup Business Idea You Might Want To Know

It’s not difficult to develop a business start-up, as long as you have an innovative idea that can attract the attention of investors to be willing to invest and develop the company. Well, here is a review of some start-up business ideas that you deserve to try in 2019. 

1. Health Consultation

In the future, hospitals and health clinics will coincide with health consultation applications. Even today, many modern societies choose to consult with doctors through online applications in their devices. This is inseparable from the habits of the people who are so dependent on the internet.

With a larger population of Indonesia, the value of its business will be much higher. For this reason, the best startup business idea health consultation will be very potential. You can connect doctors, patients, pharmacists with patients online.

2. Translation Services

The era of globalization makes the world community must unite in one international language. Not only for educational needs but increasingly broad to the fields of industry, politics to the economy. Especially with the implementation of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Diplomatic relations between countries will further develop.

For this reason, translator services will become a field that is needed by so many people. So that the best startup business idea that brings together translators can become a company with enormous potential.

3. Animal Care

The more a family’s economy develops, the tendency to have pets is also higher. For this reason, you can develop luxury animal care services for dogs, cats or reptiles. The start-up business that provides luxury animal care services is predicted to grow fast because it already has its market.

4. Virtual and Augmented Reality

The existence of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology is true. Considered as one of the best human innovations. Like Hollywood films with super-sophisticated effects, VR and AR help humans to experience a digital world. It makes looks truly real. Even in the future, VR and AR technology can be applied in various fields.

Although the game is currently the largest industry that utilizes the existence of VR and AR. In the future, various fields of life will begin to develop these two technologies. So that the idea of start-ups that use VR and AR is seen by many investors as having a bright future. So it is very interesting to develop.

5. Government Services

It is undeniable that many government affairs are out of date. When all things are digital, not all state apparatuses adequately understand today’s technology. For this reason, start-up business ideas that help the performance of the government become more modern have enormous potential.

You can try targeting government clients such as creating a digital database for citizens of productive age. Also simulating natural disasters to other socioeconomic interests that have broad benefits. It is quite possible that your start-up can be glimpsed by the government. On a broader scale up to the national level to provide greater benefits.

6. The World of Education

At present education can not only be obtained in schools or colleges. Back again to the lifestyle of a modern mobile community. You can take advantage of opportunities by developing business ideas for start-ups in the education world. Combining technology, create special applications where teachers and students can share online.

Not only conventional science education, but this application can also provide non-formal knowledge. Applications of educational technology start-ups like this can develop in developing countries like Indonesia to reduce unemployment.

There is a lot of best startup business idea that can be developed. This proves that there are so many areas of life that demand developments in the modern direction. With a business created to meet the needs of the community, your start-up business will be able to survive and continue to grow according to the times.