5 Best Detective Games For PS4 You Might Want To Play

For gamers, especially play station users must have a favorite game that is usually played. For example games in the genre of a puzzle, entertainment, mystery, until detective. However, there are some detective games for PS4 which are the best. Here’s the explanation

Detective Games For PS4

1. Sherlock Holmes Game

This latest Sherlock Holmes game has a wider setting. Interspersed with fast action scenes, stunning graphics, and dark stories that raise about Scarlet Moriarty, The Devil’s Daughter.

For Sherlock Holmes, The Devil’s Daughter, the developer provides five cases that can finish by the duo Sherlock and Watson. And as usual, as well as typical game adventures, there will be choices and consequences. Which can change how the storyline of this game later.

In addition, you are not only treated to long dialogues and observational activities at the crime scene. The character can freely move in his open-world world. Which is interspersed with fast action scenes, two elements that we like the most when playing Crimes & Punishments. This game is the best one of detective games for PS4.

2. Al: The Somnium Files

Those who know the name Kotaro Uchikoshi will know that he is responsible for the Zero Escape series. He is back with a game AI: The Somnium Files, as the director and writer of this science fiction story.

The game opens with a protagonist named Kaname Date, investigating the location of the gruesome murder. With her left eye tied to a merry-go-round horse in an abandoned park, and then a woman has been killed.

Unique cocktails from dark moments mixed with excessive silliness. All of which join in a mystery network that produces a very special game.

3. Kona

This adventure game with a first-person perspective tells the story of the loss of the owner of a copper mine. The owner of the copper mine was named W. Hamilton and the local indigenous people mysteriously.

Acting like a detective, Starters must explore, find clues and solve the puzzle. But what makes it exciting. This game also displays elements of survival is having to face many threats ranging from predators, and extreme climate. The Kona game is a detective game for PS4 that came out in 2017.

4. Agatha Christie

The name Agatha Christie and her novel The ABC Murders are famous throughout the world. Through the game Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders this time. The two-game developers hope to raise the legendary story made by Agatha Christie. Which is packaged into a new form so that it can be enjoyed and interesting for young people?

Agatha Christie – The ABC Murders is a story-based game that has an element of adventure or adventure. This game tells how detective Hercule Poirot tried to unravel the mystery behind the mysterious serial killer as ABC Murders. This game is a detective game for PS4 which is quite good.

5. Detroit: Become Human

This PlayStation 4 exclusive game is a picture of life in the next 20 years in Detroit: Become Human. Thanks to the artificial intelligence revolution, Android fills all lines, becoming shopkeepers, cleaning gutters, to sex workers.

In Detroit: Become Human, actors such as Valorie Curry and Jesse Williams 290 days to shoot motion capture. Cage also limits the expression on Android so that it is not as expressive as human figures.

The combination of story and visual power produces the best storytelling game today. It’s hard not to obsess to play it again after the finish. This game is one of the detective games for PS4.

These games are the best detective games for PS4 that like by many people. Also, Gamers usually play games that spend a lot of time. Moreover, with this genre of detective games.