Diet Menu For Fatty Liver: What is The Best Food And Worst Food

food for fatty liver

Fatty liver is one of the common diseases that attacks both men and women, especially in elder people. There are two types of fatty liver that is alcohol-induced fatty liver and non-alcoholic fatty liver. It means not only alcohol-addict that vulnerable to this disease, but even if you don’t consume alcohol you still can suffer from this disease. To prevent this disease from getting worse, you have to control the food you eat. So, this is the diet menu for fatty liver.

The Food You Should Eat

When you have a fatty liver, you must be careful about what you eat. Diet will help so your liver won’t getting worse. But if you’re still confused about what the food you can eat in your diet. Here is the list of food you should eat :

  • Coffee. As you have known coffee contains caffeine. One of the studies said that people with fatty liver who consume these caffeinated beverages have lesser damage to their lives than people who don’t consume it. It happens because caffeine can lower the number of abnormal liver enzymes.
  • Greens. One diet menu for fatty liver is to eat many greens. Broccoli, spinach, brussels sprout, and kale are some of the greens that fatty liver patients should eat. With eating broccoli you can lower the fat in your liver for it can prevent the liver to build fat. Not only that spinach, brussels sprout and kale also can make you lose some of your weight.
  • Tofu. In general, tofu is good food. It contains low fat and high protein that makes it very nutritious. Not only that tofu can also reduce fat buildup. So it will go well for people with fatty liver.
  • Fish. If you have a fatty liver, the food you should eat is fatty fish. Salmon, tuna, sardines are fatty fish that good for fatty liver. It is because these fish contain high-level omega-3 fatty acids that can improve the level of the fatty liver and reduce the inflammation.
  • Avocado. Avocado is known for its healthy fats. This food is especially good for fatty liver people as it can slow the damage of the liver. Not only that, the fiber contained in it can maintain your weight so it won’t go too over.

The Food You Shouldn’t Eat

If there is food fatty people should eat than there is food that shouldn’t be eaten. This food usually helps you gain weight or increase the blood-sugar level. As a part of the diet menu for fatty liver, you should avoid this food.

  • Alcohol. As the prime cause of fatty liver, of course, you are prohibited to drink alcohol. So if you have a fatty liver you can’t drink alcohol to maintain your health.
  • Too Much Sugar. Food that contains high lever sugar should be avoided. It is because the sugar will increase the blood sugar level. If the blood sugar level becomes high than the liver fat will continue to build up in the liver.
  • Fried Foods. If you have a fatty liver, you should avoid fried food. Though it tastes delicious fried foods contain high calories and fat.
  • Red Meat. Fatty liver people shouldn’t eat any red meat. This is because red meat contains high saturated fat that bad for your body.

For people with fatty liver, regulating diet is one of the things that should do. With this diet menu for fatty liver, the patient can control the fat liver level or even reduce it. As a result, you will get better.