Education Quote For Students To Help Them Thrive

education quote for students

Students are expected to become agents of change that can change the world for the better. However, becoming a student is certainly not easy, especially for students who are less motivated. One way to make them thrive is by giving education quote for students.

A lot of tasks, busy school schedules and others are factors that make it hard for students to complete educations. By giving an educational quote for students can provide motivation and encouragement. Here are the examples of education quote for students:

1. The Roots of Education are Bitter but The Fruit is Sweet

A Greek philosopher, Aristotle said that the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet. The quote is suitable for students considering it is very difficult to learn something new. The meaning of the quote is when students learn something at first; it will be difficult for them.

However, students will continue to learn and grow like trees that bear fruit. The word fruit will prefer the final product of a tree. The fruit means that all the work that has been difficult to do has paid off.

2. Education is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change The World

This quotes tells us that through education, students can change their own world. Students can change their perceptions and perspective on life that makes them able to stand on their own feet.

Education for a nation enables them to become a modern country that can create products and services. These products and services can meet their own needs as well as humanity in other countries and parts of the world.

3. Education is the Key to Unlock The Golden Door for Freedom

This beautiful quote is from a man who was highly educated in the field of science who managed to conquer racial barriers. George Washington Carver told us by having education students can have freedom.

Freedom can be in the form of freedom to choose a job or to choose a field of study. That education quote for students also means that knowledge can liberate life’s challenges. It can be the key to unlocking the freedom you want to obtain.

4. Failure Is The Opportunity To Begin Again More Intelligently

Through the quote from Henry Ford, tells you that when it fails, it is a good time to stop and do an analysis. Identify what is wrong and do it better. Determine the next strategy to resolve previous failures.

You as a student must not feel inferior because of failure. Turn your failures into moments for self-reflection. If you succeed in turning failure into a valuable experience, you will be successful.

5. There are No Shortcuts to Any Place Worth Going

The quote tells us that everything must requite hard work. Because nothing is easy to obtain without working hard. As a student, you cannot expect anything to happen instantly. All you have to do is work hard and do it earnestly.

A good place to study or a comfortable place to work can be obtained by working hard. Because there is no shortcut to getting it all; therefore you have to go through many processes. You have to struggle when you have difficulty or want to get something.

Education quote for students will help them to stay motivated. It is because every student needs to thrive well by always surrounding them with positive words. Read and write the quote in a place that you see so often to make you always stay motivated.