Games For VR Play Station 4 That You Never Realize Before

Are you gamers? If you are gamers you will know and understand well about play station games. While the play station game is the most famous game that many people and children like this game. So, do you know the VR play station? VR play station is a new version of the play station games. The VR play station has many games inside that you never bored to play. Are you interested in knowing the games for VR play station 4? Here they are.

Games For VR Play Station 4 That You Never Realize Before

1. Resident Evil 7

The first games for VR play station are resident evil 7. Resident Evil 7 is one of the famous VR games. Playing this game will give you gripping experiences. While you can play this game with a headset and makes everything more real. The resident evil 7 is suitable and fun to play as a VR game. You will explore a horrible and frightening place. But those kinds of places will make this game to be more fun.

2. Fire Wall Zero Hour

The firewall zero hours is the best online multiplayer shooter game on play station. In this game, you will play in a group with your friends. The VR will make you are in real condition. This game is also more casual than others.

3. Trover Saves the Universe

The third game is Trover saves the universe. As the name, this game is an action game. So, you will act like a hero that saves the universe. You will fight your enemy with a cool sword. This game provides you a good effect and graphics. If you like a war game, you must try to play this game. Of course, You will be like this game so much.

4. Blood and Truth

The blood and truth is a shooter game. You need to shot your enemy and be the winner. This game will be the best game VR play station game. While the blood and truth will move so fast, and it will be fun. Therefore, you will like this game so much even you just play for a moment.

5. Tetris Effect

The next game for VR play station is Tetris effect. The word “Tetris” may familiar to you. So, how about the Tetris effect as a VR game? the basis of this game is the music visualizer and there is nothing special with Tetris. But, the Tetris effect is different from another Tetris. While the box will seem real and you will be disturbed by some freaky fire monkeys and whales.

When you play this game you will be busy to arrange the box and become busier because of the disturbing from freaky fire monkeys and whales.

6 Astro Bot Rescue Mission

While the last games for VR play station 4 is the Astro bot rescue mission. This game is almost the same as the super Mario 3d world. Therefore, you will not find difficulties while playing this game. To play Astro bot game, you need to crane your head to look for hidden. While you also need to pass every challenge until the finish line and be the winner.

Those are the information about games for VR play station 4. All of them are examples. Therefore, you can find other information outside and get more information. Hopefully, this information will be meaningful for you all. Thank you and see you.