Is Twitter Effective for Your Business at Home?

As you just started your business, you definitely need exposure. Since social media became a hype, everybody seeks information from it. Thus, you also have to publish your business there too. There are lots of social media platforms right now and one of the most used is Twitter. For the first time, it was so popular to share information with a limited character. That is why all things on Twitter are straight to the point. But is Twitter effective for your business too?


Indeed, you might not really familiar with seeing promotion on Twitter. Even though several people maximize Twitter for promotion too. During that time, Twitter develops itself for business needs. They see that Twitter is also a potential to support people’s business. But, again, many people are questioning, “is Twitter effective for your business?”. Well, let’s take a look at Twitter, how its roles for the business are.

1. Build Your Brand Awareness

Like social media, Twitter works in a unique way. If you follow each other, you don’t have to come inside the profile. You can easily get an update from your friend. Its front looks like news, thus your update will be easily seen by people. The more you post about a useful thing, the higher people aware your business will be.

2. Generate Lead

While you already have many followers, then it is time for you to generate lead. Make interesting content every time you update because this will lead people to click the post at that time. If you add a certain link on the post, the potentially click that link too. Then, you get more people led to your business.

3. Gain Sales

After you generate a high lead, you can get sales at the same time. Indeed, it seems a long process after people finally buy your product or use your service. But, trust us, this is worth to try. Many businesses out there that maximize Twitter for their business. They don’t only get numbers of traffic but also increase sales from the updates.

4. Building Community

Another unique thing from Twitter is its capability in building community. It is true you cannot make a forum like the other platform. But, you can see those loyal customers give comments under your post. Surprisingly, each people can communicate too. So, you can build a conversation too through your posting.

If you successfully gather these loyal people, you can direct them into a special room. Just make another forum or space for them. Post the link and direct them there.

5. Better Customer Support

Because Twitter has a good interface to communicate with each other, many businesses use Twitter as a customer service channel. You can feel the difference when getting a reply from people on Twitter. Moreover, Twitter has a direct message feature too. This makes communication more intimate.

Our suggestion before you use Twitter for business, you must define your goal first. Make it very clear and detail, because Twitter supports you in a different way. Those five points above might answer your question, “is Twitter effective for your business?”. Explore more and get some advantages from this platform.