These Are The Most Populated Cities In The World You Must Know

most populated cities in the world

Every city has an area that should be balanced with the population. However, some cities have a higher population than their area. There are 5 lists of cities that are the most populated cities in the world.

This article will tell you the newest information. The information is about the 5 cities that are the most populated in the world. Not only in Asia, but you can also find a populated city on the American continent. Let’s check this out about the most populous cities in the world:

1. Tokyo

This city is one of the most populated cities in the world. The latest information says this city has a population of 37 million. Although the city is populated, the fact is that Japan is a country with small population growth.

Moreover, despite being the most populous city in the world, this city is not the largest polluting city. Most residents walk and fill the streets. In addition, this city is also known for its modernity.

2. Delhi

Delhi is a city in the northern Indian region. This year, the population of this city will reach 29 million. Meanwhile, the area of this city is around 1.484 square kilometers.

So, 19 people will inhabit every one square kilometer in this city. This can happen if all the population is flattened to all over in this city region. In fact, By 2030, the UN says this city’s population will increase to nearly 10 million people.

3. Shanghai

Last year, the population of this city was 26 million. Many people predict that the population will increase to 50 million by 2050. So, the Shanghai government will limit the city’s population to 25 million by the edge of the decade.

The goal of limiting the population is to avoid big city diseases. The examples of the diseases are environmental pollution, traffic jams, and lacking public services. Moreover, big city diseases will affect education and medical care.

4. Sao Paulo

If you ask about which city is the most populous in the southern hemisphere, then Sao Paulo is the answer. This city is a multi-cultural city and very popular for its industry. So, it is not surprising that this city as a rich touristy city.

This year, the population of the city reached 21 million. Moreover, this city is the biggest city. In addition, this city is also the most populated in Brazil. It has a diverse population because it consists of 100 different tribes.

5. Mexico City

More than 20% of Mexico’s population lives in this city. No wonder if the population growth is very rapid. In addition, this city’s population has increased to 3% since last year. This year, the city has 21 million populations.

Last year, this city’s air has a very high scale of air pollution. The causes of high pollution are high population numbers, valley towns, and air temperatures. The population of this city is very high. Moreover, there are 2.6 million residences.

Those 5 cities are the most populated cities in the world you must know. Each government of the country has its own policy to deal with this population problem. The reason is, a large population will cause big city disease that will reduce the quality of life