People with Nobel Prize Winners 2019

The Nobel Prize is an annual award is provide by the Swedish and Norwegian institutions. They give the award to people that contribute something new. Their creation usually affects a big change. Therefore, the Swedish gives them the reward and prize. There are five categories in the award every year. They are chemistry, literature, physiology and physic. As for the non-educating category is peace. This year, the institution has also decided the Nobel prize winners 2019.

Anyone who contributes and makes a change can receive the award. Whether you are from Africa or even Asia, everyone is possible. Usually the award will be available to a certain person. However, an organization is also able to receive it. So, who are the innovating Nobel prize winners 2019? And what are their contributions to the whole world?

1. James Peebles

Peebles is one of the people that received the Nobel prize in Physic 2019. Beside him, there was also Michel Mayor and Didier Queloz. But for a different theory. His contribution is the evolution of the universe and earth’s places in the cosmos which he started in 1964. He then worked on the theoretical for over two decades. 

2.     John B

John B was one of the scientists who received the Nobel Prize Winners 2019 in the Chemistry category. Other than him, there was M. Stanley and Akira Yoshino. Their theory was about the development of lithium-ion batteries. Nowadays, everything is made long-lasting and useful. Therefore, these three scientists made a battery that is rechargeable and long-lasting. Lithium-ion batteries are a great example of how chemistry can change a period.

3.     William G, Sir Peter J, and Gregg L.

The next category of the Nobel prize is for medicine or physiology which is for 3 scientists. They found out molecular machinery in a human body. These then can respond to any variance level of oxygen. This became a big founding. It is also able to help the physiological function. With this new founding, there is new hope for those who are fighting for anemia and cancer. 

4.     Peter Handke

The literature prize in 2019 was given to Peter Handke. He is a novelist and a translator from Austria. He writes almost anything he thinks of and makes them a writing. Many people were against the winning of Peter Handke. Because they say Handke’s writing dishonors the victims of Genocide. Despite what people say, the award was still awarded to him.

5.     Abey Ahmed Ali

The man from Ethiopia is the one who has the Nobel prize in the peace category. He is now the prime minister of Ethiopia and an activist. He ensure peace in his country and made sure that there is no war in his country. Until today, he is still fighting for many peace activities, especially for Ethiopia.

So, the Nobel Prize winners 2019 didn’t get the award just because of a founding. They made a founding that gave a change and new hope for the world. Even though finding something new is not easy. But they have proven that everything is able and possible. Congratulations to all the Noble winners for this year. And hopefully all their contributions can be useful.