Thrilling Places for Sky Diving in New Zealand

Coming to New Zealand is one of many people’s Wishlist and dreams. Not only is it famous for The Lord of the Ring scene, but it has also many other beautiful scenes that people must visit. The scenery in New Zealand is just stunning and unforgettable. However, if you want to make it of a lifetime try seeing it by sky diving in New Zealand.

Sky diving is also a must when you come to New Zealand. By sky diving, you can see the top and side view of the beautiful sceneries in New Zealand. It will be thrilling and scary at first, but we assure that it will all be worth it. Now, where can people go if they are interested in Sky Diving in New Zealand? Well, come to these places to try your guts! 

1. Fox Glacier

Skydive Fox Glacier is on the west coast of New Zealand or not far from Josef Township. In this location, you can see many views at once such as the southern alps and rainforest. The lakes and the mountain view are also stunning views that people can see. There are three options of heights available in this park. For beginners, try out the 9,000 ft height, as for those who need more challenge can try the 13,000 or 16,500 ft. The higher the height is the more scenery you can see.

2.     Taupo

The view people can see from here is the Mount Doom and the lakes. In fact, it is one of the most stunning places for sky diving in New Zealand. People can choose between two heights here, 12,000 ft and 15,000 ft. The crews here are also very friendly, at the same time cool. They will pump your adrenaline to make diving more memorable. But don’t worry they will be with you along with the activity, so you are in the best hand. Compared to other diving places, Taupo is the most affordable one. 

3.     Queenstown

For those who are a fan of the movie, Lord of The Ring will sure love this place. By jumping out of the plane from three options of height, they can see all the scenery. Yes, all the views in the movie can be seen by sky diving in this city. Even if the weather is cloudy, you will still be able to see most of the views. 

4.     Wanaka

Not many people know this city, but it is also a beautiful place in New Zealand. By diving here, people can view Lake Wanaka and the upper side of the river. However, the weather here is sometimes cloudy. Therefore, you will need to make sure that the weather is being on your side. 

5.     Abel Tasman

The opposite of Wanaka is Abel Tasman because here the sun shines more than many places. Therefore, people who go sky diving here can see the clear blue sky. In this are of New Zealand, people will see the golden sand coastlines and the national park at once. The highest height they offer here is 16,500 ft. 

One thing that people must prepare before sky diving in New Zealand is checking the weather. Make sure to monitor the weather at all times. You won’t want your plan to be destroyed because of bad weather, right? So, make sure to come in the summertime for sky diving.