Top Student Exchange Programs You Should Know

Study abroad is something that almost everyone dreamt of. And one of the most exciting moments in life is the high-school period. Then imagine, if you are given a chance to enjoy your high school life while study abroad wouldn’t it be wonderful? With that, you can achieve your dream while still enjoying your life. But, to be able to study abroad you have to take a student exchange program. Yet there are many student exchange programs out of there. So here are top student exchange programs for you to know.

When you choose to take a student exchange program, you have to consider somethings. The cost, a particular program on the country you will visit, the last participant’s testimony and the family you’re gonna with are things you must consider. You must think about these carefully, so your experience wouldn’t be a boring thing. And the last choose the best student exchange program.

1. AFS

AFS Intercultural Programs is one of top student exchange programs. It has 65 years of history to allow the student to take the exchange program. Now AFS’s programs have been spread over 50 countries like Canada, Japan, France, New Zealand, etc.

If you’re interested to take this program, you must submit the needed document. The most important document you should prepare and submit is a letter of recommendation. You also have to submit a doctors’s form. And to take this program at least you should have a 2.85 GPA. 

2. Youth For Understanding (YFU)

If you want to know what is the top student exchange programs then one of the answers is Youth For Understanding (YFU). It is a good program for you as it has 4.5-star ratings on YFU provides exchange in a year, a semester, a summer or other special programs. This program opens for students age 15-18 years old.

There are more than 35 destination countries such as Argentina, Bulgaria. China,etc. For most of these countries, you do not need to speak their native language. Even there is an opportunity for you to stay with a family who speaks English.


For those who want to study abroad, you can choose CIEE as the program. It has allowed students from high school and beyond to study abroad since 1947. There are more than 40 destination countries to place the student. This includes Germany, Ireland, Japan, Spain, and Chile.

CIEE is the right choice when you want to study abroad. It is because you will be provided with information to make the trip successful. Also, you can enjoy the experience with another student who is the same as you for CIEE will put the student on the same flight. And you don’t need to be afraid in the other countries, because CIEE will help you through a local coordinator.

4. Experiment in International Living

Experiment in International Living provides students to study abroad for 5 weeks. And unlike the other programs, it has a themed experience. For example, a student goes to Brazil to study environmental stability or student studies abroad in France to learn about food. While study abroad, the student will also participate in the homestay.

If you are interested in study abroad with an Experiment in International Living, you can create an online account. With that, you will gain further information regarding study abroad.

With these top student exchange programs, study abroad is no more merely a dream. As long as you have the will you can study abroad with these programs. Now it is time for you to enjoy and experience living and study abroad.