Treatments and Home Remedies to Remove Stye on Eye

If you see a red bump, nearly the same as a pimple, on the outside of the eyelid, then it could be a stye or sty. It is a bacterium that grows inside a gland. Because your eyes have dirt, dead skin, and oil, so it is probably stuck the bacteria. This condition potentially develops the stye on your eye. But don’t be worry, we are here wanting to share you the home remedies to remove stye easily.


To make sure that the pimple is a stye, you have to understand the symptoms. Of course, it feels pain and swelling, so no wonder if your tears get more than used to be. As time goes by, you will feel itchy and sore. Those are the simple symptoms of stye. But, if you don’t feel those symptoms, it might be chalazion. It is an infection that seems quite similar but takes a longer time to heal than stye. However, the treatment is the same as home remedies to remove stye. Below that you can do if you get stye on your eye:

1. Warm Compress

This is the easiest method you can do. Take a clean towel and wash it with warm water. Don’t make it too hot because it could harm your eye. Then, gently place it over your eye with the stye for about 5 until 10 minutes. The warmth temperature helps to treat the pus. The pus will go to the surface and the oil will drain naturally. Never squeeze the stye at all.

2. Clean with Mild Soap and Water

A good sample of mild soap is baby soap. Everything that relates to baby’s treatment is always good for your skincare, including curing the stye. Wipe off your eye gently with a cotton swab or washcloth. Do it every day until the stye is gone. The mild soap helps you to clean the surface from bacteria. Also, it helps promote drainage too.

3. Use Tea Bag

Another thing that always good for your skin is tea. Pick one tea bag and warmth it. If you can find black tea is better because it reduces swelling and removes the bacteria. Put in the tea bag inside the mug with warm water. Let it inside for one minute, then put it out. Wait until a little cold before you place on your eye. Do it for 5 until 10 minutes.

4. Avoid Using Makeup and Lenses

It might not home remedies like in the previous number. But it could be the easy way you can do to cure stye. It is one of the ways without having medicine. When the stye is still on, it is not recommended to use lenses or makeup. Because it can invite more bacteria inside.

5. Massage Gently

Indeed, you are not allowed to touch the stye. But, if you do it with your clean hand, then it is okay. Remember, don’t touch directly, you are only safe to touch the area around the stye. You can massage it gently. But stop it once it feels hurt for you.

You need to be patient to cure stye. It could not be healed in a week. If it is more than 10 days, you need to see the doctor after following the home remedies to remove stye above. Don’t make it too long or it will disturb your vision.